Private Lessons

Our Private Lessons take place at our sister facility, RoseWood Pet Resort.

RoseWood Pet Resort is situated on a beautiful 10-acre property in Stouffville. The property is nestled on the boarder of the Vivian Forest, which is a 333 hector, protected forest.

Our Private Lessons provide the same quality of service as our In-Home Training lessons. As such, our Private Lessons also begin with an assessment of your needs, and your dog’s temperament. Our goal is to ensure that we understand what your goals are for your dog, and how your family truly lives with your pet.We then ensure that our training program addresses your needs.

We believe that dog training is much more than teaching your dog to sit on command.

When you purchase a dog, you are making a 12 year commitment to a relationship with a being that belongs to another spices, and that sees the world differently than you do. Because of this, interspecies miscommunication occurs on a regular basis between people and their dogs. To us, smiling and hugging is considered warm social contact, to a dog smiling and hugging can be seen as dominant and aggressive behaviour.

During our classes we will teach you how your dog sees the world and how to understand its social and physical needs; how to communicate effectively with your dog; and what you can reasonably expect from your dog during each phase of its development and training.

The advantages of Private Lesson include:

  • Private Lessons are cost effective, providing you with great training at value pricing
  • Private lessons allow us to tailor the training program to your specific needs
  • Each class is conveniently booked individually, ensuring we are able to meet your scheduling needs

Private Lessons

Our Private Lessons are also offered in packages of 6 lessons, which take place at our sister facility, the beautiful RoseWood Pet Resort in Stouffville.

Each lesson is 1-hour in length.

Each lesson is booked individually to accommodate your schedule. Our trainers are available 7-days per week, days and evenings.

The enrollment fee is $450 + HST. We accept cheque, Visa and MasterCard.

What Our Clients Say About Our Private Lessons:


“I saw a difference in Kimo after the very first class, it was unbelievable!”

Fanny, Andrew & Kimo


“Our vet highly recommended obedience training with K9 Montessori for our then 5.5 month old Cane Corso, named Turbo. Penny took control immediately, and she had amazing patience with both Turbo and me. We noticed a huge difference after just the first session!

A Huge “Thank You” to Penny for her guidance and professionalism in making our Turbo what he is today, which is an amazing and obedient dog!”

Julie & Turbo

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