Is Dog Training Necessary for My New Puppy in Whitchurch-Stouffville?

One common question new pet parents have after bringing home their new puppy, is whether their puppy needs to attend dog training in Whitchurch-Stouffville. They might believe they can handle training their puppy on their own, at home. While some pet owners have success, others fall short. It is easy to get frustrated with a new puppy when they do not listen to your commands or take well to being house broken.

Whether you have been successful with your puppy’s training or are finding it difficult, all puppies can benefit from a well-organized and professionally led training class. Exposing your puppy to training at an early age has its benefits and helps him or her develop essential social interaction skills in new environments and with other puppies, dogs, and people. Proper socialization has been found to be vital to your puppy’s psychological well-being and health as they progress into adulthood.

Private training courses allow new pet parents to learn the proper techniques and methods for reinforcing positive behaviours in their puppy. They learn how to deal with common developmental behaviours and issues, such as chewing and house breaking. Once the pet parents and their puppy learn these important skills, training progresses into other basic, intermediate, and advanced skills to further reinforce positive behaviours in the puppy.

Regardless of the age of your puppy, starting training while they are still young, establishes a solid foundation of learning and getting your puppy to follow your commands, desired behaviours, and willingness to learn new activities. In addition, pet parents are taught how to enforce good mannerisms in their puppy, like not jumping on guests visiting the home, coming when being called, and how to actually walk on a leash.

Once your puppy has been properly trained, it opens up a wide range of fun activities and opportunities for you, your family, and beloved pet. You can take your furry family member to your kids’ outdoor sporting events, play with them in the park, and take them on camping trips, hiking, backpacking, and more. Some people even take their puppy or dog along on family vacations where they have pet-friendly accommodations.

What If My Puppy or Dog Has Problems in Group Environments?

Some puppies and dogs can have behavioural problems in group environments, like at the park. They might exhibit signs of aggression, fearfulness, destructive separation anxiety, or other problems. For these pets, it is recommended to complete one-on-one training in private sessions to resolve behavioural issues. Private training allows the trainer to work on the individual puppy’s or dog’s needs, along with their pet parents.

Your puppy or dog is carefully reintroduced into group environments during their private training and is overseen with supervision and assistance from your dog trainer, to further enforce their new training. It is beneficial to continue private training sessions until their behaviour problems have been fully resolved. Your trainer will provide you with progress reports letting you know how your puppy or dog is doing, as well as work with you to further enhance your ability to get your dog to listen to your commands and behave when they are at home. For more information about puppy and dog training courses in the Whitchurch-Stouffville area, please feel free to contact K9 Montessori today at 416-427-0225.

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