In-Home Training

Our In-Home Training lessons take place in the comfort of your own home.

Our In-Home Training lessons begin with an assessment of your needs, and your dog’s temperament. Our goal is to ensure that we understand what your goals are for your dog, and how your family truly lives with your pet. We then ensure that our training program addresses your needs.

We believe that dog training is much more than teaching your dog to sit on command.

When you purchase a dog, you are making a 12 year commitment to a relationship with a being that belongs to another spices, and that sees the world differently than you do. Because of this, interspecies miscommunication occurs on a regular basis between people and their dogs. To us, smiling and hugging is considered warm social contact, to a dog smiling and hugging can be seen as dominant and aggressive behaviour.

During our classes we will teach you how your dog sees the world and how to understand its social and physical needs; how to communicate effectively with your dog; and what you can reasonably expect from your dog during each phase of its development and training.

The advantages of In-Home Training include:

  • Seeing how you and your family truly lives with your dog provides our trainers with insight, ensuring that our training meets the needs you know you have, and allows us to identify needs you may not even be aware of
  • Training is convenient as our trainer comes to you
  • All members can easily participate in the training lessons
  • Each class is scheduled individually, ensuring we are able to meet your family’s scheduling needs

In-Home Training Lessons

Our In-Home Training is offered in packages of 6 lessons, which occur in the comfort of your own home.

Each lesson is 1-hour in length.

Each lesson is booked individually to accommodate your schedule. Our trainers are available 7-days per week, days and evenings.

The enrollment fee is $850 + HST. We accept cheque, Visa and MasterCard.

In-Home Training lessons are provided throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

What Our Clients Say About Our In-Home Training:


“After countless hours of reading online about various breeds and characteristics, we decided that we would get a GSD as our first dog. Prior to bringing him home, we already had a list of things we wanted to do for him. We wanted to ensure that we gave him a positive upbringing and that we would fulfill our duties as a dog-parent. One of the biggest things on our list was getting him the socialization he needed, which meant puppy classes!

When deciding on where to bring him for these puppy classes, we decided that we would bring him to PetSmart being the first-time dog-parents that we were. We were taught only to use positive reinforcement and that treats were our only tool to successful obedience training. Even after completing two stages of training with him in a group setting, we still found that we were struggling with his obedience at home and on the streets. We spent months trying to fix his behaviour at home with the methods we were taught at PetSmart, but after months of no progress, we finally came to the conclusion that we needed help.

We researched again and decided that this time… we needed to get a personal dog trainer into our home to find the root cause of our issues. We chose K9 Montessori and have had outstanding results. When the trainer explained theories and behaviours, we realised we had to discard everything we had learned and start back at ground zero. After finishing our basic and intermediate set of lessons, we had improved. Because of such astonishing experience, we are now pursuing to an advance level of obedience!”

Jacky, Amanda & Tando

K9 Montessori
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