Group Classes

Our Group Classes really are different! While there are multiple dogs being worked at a time, each dog receives individual attention from one of our trainers during every class, effectively providing you with private training, but at the cost of group lessons. Our Group Classes take place north of Toronto on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. We offer different levels of obedience training, from beginner to advanced lessons.

There are several advantages to Group Classes:

  • You receive private training at the cost of group lessons
  • Your dog is exposed to other dogs and people in the Group Classes, which helps with their socializing
  • You learn from watching other owners train their dogs at different obedience levels and different social and age stages
  • Our Group Classes are designed around your needs, extending beyond the normal 8 week packages to quarter-year, half-year and full-year memberships, providing access to cost effective training for those owners that want to achieve higher levels of obedience, without having to register for different classes every 6 weeks, and pay for classes every 6 weeks
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