Boarding & Training

Our Boarding & Training program is the most effective training program offeredby K9 Montessori, as our professionals actually train and socialize your dog!

As with all of our other services, our Boarding & Training program begins with an assessment of your needs, and your dog’s temperament. Our goal is to ensure that we understand what your goals are for your dog, and how your family truly lives with your pet. We then ensure that our training program addresses your needs.

While with us, your dog will live with one of our professional trainers to learn both obedience skills and house manners; spend time with other dogs at our sister facility, the beautiful RoseWood Pet Resort, to learn social skills; and train in town, to ensure that your dog understand how to behave in public.

Once the training is complete, you will receive three private lessons, which are complementary. During these lessons, we will teach you what your dog has learned and how to effectively communicate with your dog.

You will also receive a “Before & After” video, demonstrating the skills your dog has learned while with us!

The advantages of In-Home Training include:

  • Obedience training is completed in half the time it takes an average owner to train their dog
  • Training is convenient, as our trainers actually train the dog
  • Professional trainers are able to manage easily train dogs that may be too difficult for the owner to train initially, due to physical limitations of the owner, strength advantages of the dog, or behavioural issues that exceed
    the averaged owner’s ability to manage
  • We offer 3 levels of Boarding & Training. All Boarding & Training programs include:

    • 3 complementary private lessons to teach you what your dog has learned once the training has been completed
    • All training equipment your dog requires is included in the price
    • A “Before & After” DVD of your dog

House Manners – 2-Week Boarding & Training Program

Our House Manners Boarding & Training program does exactly what is sounds like, it teaches your dog better house manners.

During its time with us, your dog will learn to stay off the furniture, stop stealing food from counters and tables, and to be generally well behaved in your home.

This 2-week training program is best for home-situated dogs that require good manners in the house, but are not regularly out in public.

The enrollment fee for this service is $950 + HST.

Intermediate Training – 2-Week Boarding & Training Program

Our Intermediate Boarding & Training programs teach your dog general house manners, socialization skills, and obedience training to an intermediate level.

This program was designed to ensure that when you dog comes home, it will sit, down and stay on command. Your dog will also walk well on leash when in public.

This 4-week training program is, by far, the most popular Boarding & Training service that we offer. It is suited to most training situations, and provides the level of obedience the average own wants from their dog.

The enrollment fee for this service is $2,500 + HST.

Behaviour Modification – 6-Week Boarding & Training Program

Our Behaviour Modification Boarding & Training program extends beyond normal obedience training, and was designed to work specifically with dogs that have behavioural challenges.

Typical behavioural issues that are addressed in this program include significant dog aggression, people aggression, territorial aggression, significant anxiety, and phobias.

This 6-week program extends beyond normal dog training, and addresses emotional disturbances, mental health issues and temperament weaknesses.

The enrollment fee for this service is $3,500 + HST.

What Our Clients Say About Our In-Home Training:


“When we first adopted Hudson, we knew that he had some behavioural issues. It soon became evident, though, that his behaviour was bordering on dangerous in public. We enrolled Hudson in K9 Montessori’s Boarding & Training program, and we are absolutely amazed and delighted with the results! Hudson is calmer and safer in public, we actually enjoy our walks with him now. Thank you K9 Montessori!”

Sarah, Steve & Hudson

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