Behaviour Consultation & Modification

Normal canine behaviour is very different from our behaviour. They see the world differently, and interpret our actions based on their understanding of the world.

We know that when a dog’s behaviour falls outside the norm, and may even become dangerous, the entire family is impacted. Many owners with dogs exhibiting behavioural issues are confused, embarrassed and concerned.

Our Behaviour Consultation has been designed to determine the Root Cause of the your dog’s behavioural problems. Once the Root Cause has been determined, a treatment plan or management options can be determined, which are specifically based on the Root Cause of your dog’s behavioural issues.

Our Behaviour Consultations are performed by our Canine Behaviourists. Dog trainers work with dogs exhibiting normal canine behaviour, and focus on socializing and obedience training to ensure dogs become, and stay, good members of the community. Canine Behaviourists assess and treat dogs exhibiting abnormal canine behaviours, such as extreme dog aggression, severe generalized anxiety, phobias, and aggression towards people.

Every behaviour consult begins with a thorough clinical history assessment of your dog’s behaviour. We then perform a temperament test. The results of the clinical history combined with the temperament test create a Risk Assessment Analysis. Our recommendations are

  • A complete behavioural history of the dog
  • A physical temperament test
  • A risk assessment
  • Realistic recommendations, including the anticipated training methods, length of time, expected outcomes and costs associated with the behaviour modification

Behaviour Consultations

Our Behaviour Consultations are all performed only by our Canine Behaviourists.

Each Behaviour Consultation is 1 ½ hours in length.

The fee is $300 + HST. We accept cheque, Visa and MasterCard.

What Our Clients Say About Our Private Lessons:


“When my dog bit my friend, I was upset, scarred and embarrassed. I didn’t understand what had gone wrong. I had taken him to dog training and socialized him as soon as I got him home at 8 weeks old. Once the bite occurred, I spoke with several trainers, and realized that aggression was not their specialty, however, one of the trainers referred me to Penny Buckner, RN, Canine Behaviourist.

Through the Behaviour Consult Penny determined that there was a temperament issue with my dog that normal dog training had not identified, and would not be able to resolve.

I completed the 6 –week In-Home Training program with Penny, and the results were impressive. During the training I learned to understand my dog’s temperament, to use obedience to control his behaviour, and read his body language to help determine his emotional and mental state.

It has been 5 years since Rudy’s Behaviour Consultation, and we have not had another incident in all that time. Thank you K9 Montessori!”

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